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Pat Mahoney 
Transportation Manager Pat started in the garage and car business 50 years ago. Starting out as a part time employee at Leroy's, he left the company when it was sold. He continued in the business by working part time at General Automotive, later becoming a full time employee in late 1962. Up until Pat met Tim Hare and became a good friend of his, he was working days with no sleep. He met Tim when he was working at J&S Motors, he would always be coming to see Pat at General. Keeping himself out of trouble, Pat took on the position of Working Manager at General, and would spend the free time he got from his 80-hour work weeks at Harbro helping out Tim and his brother Dave any way he could. When Tim built the new location, Pat helped supply them with equipment. Pat would take time off from his job to go up to New York with Time to buy cars. Pat started enjoying his time at Harbro so much, that after 17 years of working for General's, he left and began working full time at Harbro in 1990.